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Chrono Cross - The Dream Chrono Cross - The Dream

Rated 5 / 5 stars


I know that remixes are supposed to be reimaginings of the original songs, but you managed to carve out your own path using the melodies I love. Amazing job and I'm still happy you even considered my request thank you.
Anyway this remix pays tribute without rehashing it and the continued changed bass and new instruments for the melodies keeps even reused ones from feeling old.
P.s. I love the new sped up tempo I thought the original was a little slow ^-^

VGSongbird responds:

I'm so glad you liked it; and thank you for sending me the request :D

**MK64 Rainbow Road** **MK64 Rainbow Road**

Rated 5 / 5 stars


i can remember how much fun i had when whipping my brother and his friends at this game (the battles (i sucked at the racing (gotten better though (i really need to stop talking)))) anyway this could easily substitute in for the actual song. The emotion of being free is so hard to capture in music and your remix does it better then any I've heard before.

Great job and im looking forward to hearing what you have next.

VGSongbird responds:

Thank You. That is almost the perfect word for what I was going for; the idea that the piece this road in the sky vibrant with color and just the feeling of awe and freedom you'd experience behind the wheel. Love it.
Thank you so much for this great review ^_^

ToS - Harmony ToS - Harmony

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Wow just wow

its been a long time since ive been on here but i have to say the first thing i did was look up the audio submissions of my fav artists and whose did i come across? the blending of harmony and melody to the vocals is truly a thing of beauty now while i played some of the other games you made remixes for this one has eluded me (alas never owned a gamecube).

i still have yet to find songs more beautiful then the ones you recreate in your image. very peaceful and calming but at the same time gripping and rythmic. every peace must take forever (or a very very VERY good imagination and ear) either way every piece you make not only recaptures the original feelings of the original work buts adds much more emotion.

amazing job (from one musician to another)

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VGSongbird responds:

Thank you ^_^
The time it takes me to do a piece usually has two main factors; how much free time I have, and how inspired I am by the piece. This one I believe I completed in 48 hrs. But I literally had like all that time to work on nothing else.
But thank you for listening to my stuff! It's great getting continuing support!

|Baldur's Gate: Town Square| |Baldur's Gate: Town Square|

Rated 5 / 5 stars

very interesting

i started listening to your music with the "Hym of Faith" and started soing back from there. i must say you have to be one of the best remixers here. although i would love to see more originals "hint hint"

the melody is so close to the game i can begin to remember my character... ahhh... good times and the transitions of the different melodic parts to different kept the music both from being tedious and the sense of "oh its coming again?" amazing job on that.

you are now one of my favorite audio mixers on here congrats (only one other person can say that (although i dont think it matters to much anyway (yea i digress)))

love the music

VGSongbird responds:

Oh it matters ^_^
Thanks for all the compliments and the listens. It's good to know I've got a following; makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

and of course, thanks for that lovely 10 :D

Kriz: Fluctuations 2 Kriz: Fluctuations 2

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

dude i just listened to one of your others

and ive got to say youve got some of the most talent on here. like to guy below me i added youto my favs to.

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